Subject Re: [IBO] Fw: IBO DataSet to IBO Table - Correction
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:20 PM 08-09-01 +1000, you wrote:
>Sorry!! That was meant to read
>Perhaps I am being unusually stupid .... but having dropped IB DataSet and IBO Table components onto a DataModule the
>IB DataSet doesn't "see" the IBO Table - although it does "see" an IBO Query.

There is no IB Dataset component...there is TIB_Dataset which is ancestor class of the TIB_* dataset components but it's not a visual component....

Do you perhaps mean TIB_Datasource? If so, it's not meant to be used with the TIBO* components. Use the native Delphi TDatasource with these components, along with the native Delphi data-aware controls.

Use TIB_Datasource to link the native IBO (TIB_*) data access components with the IBO TIB_* controls.


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