Subject Re: [IBO] transaction params in IB_SQL?
Author Jason Wharton
Which tool is getting the lockups?

ServerAutoCommit is performed by the server itself. AutoCommit is done via
the client automatically sending commit_retain calls after each DML is

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] transaction params in IB_SQL?

> i don't know delphi, and i don't know IBO, i'm just an
> IB_SQL user, but hopefully someone can help anyway.
> we've been having a problem using IB_SQL (aka IB_WISQL).
> all of our application clients (in perl and in C) are using
> read committed, record version, no wait.
> as long as ib_sql is not in the picture, everything is fine.
> however, as soon as one of us starts using ib_sql, then
> we start getting these errors:
> -lock conflict on no wait transaction
> -deadlock
> this is what i would expect *if* IB_SQL were setting more
> aggressive transaction options, such as snapshat
> (aka "concurrency" aka "repeatable read").
> but we *are* setting the transaction isolation in IB_SQL to
> "read committed", with LockWait not checked.
> in theory this should match what our other clients are doing.
> but perhaps the cursor window of ib_sql is not using those
> transaction options?
> or maybe there is some other bug?
> unfortunately interbase has essentially no server-side monitoring
> and control capabilities, so it is difficult to say for sure.
> but we definitely only have this problem when using ib_sql.
> oh, and what is the difference between "AutoCommit" and
> "Server AutoCommit"?
> -mda