Subject RE: [IBO] Simple Question about delete clause
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
Maybe I was not specific enough my sp works fine. It is because of the
record that disappears that the dataset moans. I looked at the db code and
it will raise an exception when the record where the cursor currently is, is
not found. The only way I have found to circumvent this is by toggling the
active property.
Toggling active true and false works fine because the dataset is not to big,
but if there is a better way I would like to use that rather.

> >I have written the procedure but it gives me the same error.
> Will I always
> >get this error and need to catch the execption or can I a way
> synchronise or
> >something?
> Simply include an EXISTS test in your procedure, e.g.
> ---
> if (EXISTS (SELECT keycolumn FROM aTable
> WHERE keycolumn = :keycolumn)) then
> delete from aTable WHERE keycolumn = :keycolumn;
> ...
> rgds,
> Helen