Subject Re: [IBO] Simple Question about delete clause
Author Daniel Rail
I usually use TIB_DSQL for DELETE statements and execute them using the
EXECUTE method. The DELETE statement is placed in the SQL property.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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At 09/04/2001 09:55 AM, you wrote:
>Believe it or not I have never done a fancy delete clause.
>Is deletesql the right property to modify when I want to
>delete data out of a table(one or more rows). The deletesql
>is property of a iboquery.
>If I put my delete clause in the sql property i
>get a error:error creating cursor handle
>here is how my delete clause typically looks.
>and linktype = 'GLASS'
>It works when I put it in the deletesql clause but gives me
>an exeception :EIB_DataSetError "Multiple records deleted"