Subject Re: [IBO] Unbound TIB_LookupCombo
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:04 AM 03-09-01 +0000, you wrote:
>am I right, it is not possible to have a unbound TIB_LookupCombo,
>which gets it's items out of the Database, but is not changing a
>field and it's selected value is only used by code?

Yes, you can. Just don't set any KeySource or KeyLinks in the Lookup dataset.

For example, in an app I have just finished, for outputting HTML reports from the Firebird Bugs database, I use ib_lookupcombos for allowing the selection of parameters. When the app goes to query for the resultset for the report, it picks up the selected row in the lookup dataset (as selected by the current key value in the ib_lookupcombo) and passes it to the params for the report.

Actually, I use ib_lookupcombo for this type of task at least as much as its "intended use", if not more. A panel of these controls is a very nice "parameter-gathering interface" for thin client work.


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