Subject Re: [IBO] Database consistancy control
> >BUT backup
> >and restore safely accessable is the one thing that is
> >missing at present.
> I *don't* like the idea of putting any interactive metadata maintenance ability into an end-user app - not even backup. I want utility tools well separated from data maintenance apps.

My problem is that I am currently running gbak from the
engineering application, but I am not happy with it as I
would like to see what is going on.

> I really like Martin Schmid's free backup tool, IBBackup. If you haven't tried it, it's really worth a look.

I think I looked at that but I will have a look again.

The problem I have is that all the remote sites need to
either backup/restore or load a clean blank of the database
and reload the working data. At present if the machine is
power cycled it deletes the database and rebuilds it, but
now that the network connections are clean ( British Telcom
actually admitted that they had cocked up MOST of the
connections and have now reprogrammed them ) the need to
re-boot has gone away, so I need something else.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services