Subject Re: [IBO] Database consistancy control
> I am in the middle of designing an alternative backup/restore
> component that may go part way to what you want. Its primary
> is creating a reliable backup, but a secondary capability will be to
> make it easier to upgrade databases to new structures etc. Its not
> finished yet but you can read more about what I am doing at:

What I do im my consistancy check is rather simple.
The idea is this:

Register your metadata through a stringlist (the way it displays in
your IBConsole).
The DBMaster will parse through this SQL design script and organise
the data.

In case you need to take some precautions, you may register
the "Before" and "After" event routines on:

IndexCreate,IndexDrop,ForeignKeyAdd,ForeignKeyDrop,ViewCreate and

In many cases, this should mean you can start your utility, push
the "Update DB" and "Preview DB Document" button because the DB is
already designed in your app.source. And the update doesn't affect
more than what you specify. It should cover most but's and maybe's.

I am alone though. If I do this whole thing all by myself, I will
have to claim bankruptcy very shortly. That means all I can do is to
approximate this to what I need for my current projects, and that is
not good enough for IBO.

I don't know how this sounds to you professionals, maybe you have
already thought of this and wasted the idea.

Best regards,