Subject Re: [IBO] Deriving from Objects with TDataSet
Author Geoff Worboys
> Whats the easiest way to descend from an object
> that contains a TDataSet in it? IE. I've got a
> TDBThing that has a TDataSet inside it and I
> want to make TIBOThing that has an IBODataSet
> Property.

Does it "contain" a TDataset or is it just that it links to TDataset?
If the former then you must write a new component (a derivation cant
remove an embedded component until it provides a virtual procedure in
which to create). If the latter then you should have nothing to do to
link to TIBODataset - but perhaps you mean TIB_Dataset?

> Does this make sense.. I know its been done... But
> the hard part (for me anyway) is copying the
> IBODataSet property dataset into the TDataSet
> property of the Ancestor.

Perhaps if you provide more detail about what you are doing I can
offer more help, at the moment I have my doubts.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing