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You are using IB5 examples. You must "update" them to IB6. For that you must hava a machine with IB5 installed, do a backup of the databases, and restore them latter using ib6. It's a nousy thing, I know...

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I need to look at the examples provided when I downloaded IB04. They use
GDB?s such as ?employee?. When I try to connect these, I get ?Unsupported
on-disk structure for file C:\....employee.gdb; found 9 , support 10?. I
copied the gdb off the Delphi disk again but it still wont work. Where can
I get the SQL or GDB to create the example databases ?
Since I installed IBO ver 4.2Ea (my app was in 3.xx) ( D5 )I get at random
times ?Access violation at address 044E49F1 in Module ?IBO40CRT_D5.BPL?
read of address 00000000?. This is very annoying. Have I not installed
something that that module may need ?

Thanks - Rod

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