Subject Re: [IBO] ib_export and *.sch file
Author Paul Schmidt

On 30 Aug 2001, at 12:14, Geoff Worboys wrote:

> > I don't have TIB_Import listed anywhere, I am using
> > IBO4.2.E I am also using D3, so maybe it needs a
> > newer Delphi.... Strangely enough TIB_Export is
> > there, so I didn't think their was an Import Control...
> Hmmm... A quick look through the code makes it appear that TIB_Import
> is intentionally left out in all versions prior to D5/BCB5. Not sure
> what the problem is, but I guess there must have been a reason.
> You could try adding it to see what needs to be done - it could be
> that it was just never tested under D3. Depends on how adventurous
> you feel :-)

Me? Not adventurous at all, at least as far as code is concerned,
when dealing with fixed-price projects. I find it easier to just
write something to do this, then if I get a newer Delphi, maybe I'll
use the importer as it's guts, but even then it *really* depends.....

> > The data isn't currently in a .gdb, it's sitting in
> > another type of database, where it's only accessable
> > from dos. So I need to export it, and then import it.
> Check out the various utility links from Claudio's side
> ( and IBDI ( -
> and there are probably others if you just do a generic search. There
> are sure to be some utilities out there than can help you do the
> import - you may even find something to go directly from whatever
> database format you are using.

Hmmm, I'll take a look, didn't see anything before...


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