Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4 Package questions...
Author Carlos Mação
Thanks Nando, for your quick reply. You were right, after all it's just
another 380K. By the way for the people working with runtime packages and
worried about the size of application to distribute, i have been testing
with sucess, a good utility named ASPack (, which
compress and decompress (at runtime) the exe's and bpl's, with no apparent
difference in speed and reducing the total size to 36% of the original size.

Carlos Ma��o

"Nando Dessena" <nandod@...> wrote in message
> Carlos,
> > Just a question about the good work done in IBO4, separating Runtime and
> > Designetime packages, is the dependence found in DBWEBXRT of dclbde50
> > Delphi 5 packages) an isolated ocurrence? I would like to remain not
> > depending of BDE.
> the all-in-one DBWeb unit of the VCL is the culprit. Borland's fault,
> not Jason's.
> Smart Linking will keep BDE related code out of your exe, and if you use
> run time packages you still will have to distribute vclbde50, but not
> the BDE itself, fortunately.
> Ciao
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