Subject Re: [IBO] Funny IBOQuery.IB_Connection Property
Author Helen Borrie

If you are using TIBO* data access components you should be using TIBODatabase for your connection. TIBODatabase emulates TDatabase and doesn't offer you a split between the connection and the transaction at the connection level. Use TIB_Connection only with the native TIB_* data access.

You can refer to the IB_Connection property of the IBOQuery.InternalDataset once you have made the connection through the IBODatabase.


At 02:22 AM 16-07-01 +0000, you wrote:
>I have found that setting the IB_Connection property (in C++ Builder
>5 Pro) doesn't 'stick' unless I have placed an IB_SessionProps object
>on one of the forms.
>Is this expected behaviour, a C++ Builder issue, or something
>completely different?
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