Subject RE: [IBO] Specialized WebBroker Components for IBO
Author Don Schoeman
Hi Jason,

I think it's a great idea to store the HTML code within tables. Imagine if
you've got two (or more) web servers running on different machines and they
provide the same HTML pages, you can then share the web pages between the
servers by storing it within an IB/FB database!

I also think that it would be a great advantage that you would not have to
shut the server down when updating your web pages. Some web servers run
multiple ISAPI dll's or CGI's and when you shut the web server down for an
upgrade everything else has to go down to.

It would definitely benefit some of us. You could possibly sell it
seperately from IBObjects but obviously that's up to you.

My 2cents worth.

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Specialized WebBroker Components for IBO

> PS. Know that when I really have to disappear it is because I'm coding and
> there will always be a goodie to share as a result of it.

The work on these components was no more than a couple days work. I did them
as a form of recovery from all the other rigors of this project. One of the
more tangible results of my disappearance can be seen here:

Your comments about this site would be welcomed (in private).

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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