Subject Re: [IBO] USING TwwIBOTable
Author Ed Malloy

I'm afraid that the interesting things don't include naming columns
using reserved words (or manipulating such columns). In general, I just
ignore the column - I've replaced it with YR, but it still sits in the
table and apparently TwwIBOTable tries an update with ALL the columns.

What is really frustrating is the lack of documentation: for example
does the insSQL property allow me to specify the SQL statement used to
insert? If so, is the syntax "standard:"

Also, how do you "master/detail?" Do the links need to be FOREIGN KEYS?
or simply Indexed columns??

etc. etc.

I am an experience prgrammer and experienced with SQL, but this
conversion to IBO is an ADVENTURE! It seems to be worth the learning
curve, but I am nowhere near the feeling of competance.



Geoff Worboys wrote:
> > The usual sytax doesn't work in this case because "Year" no
> > matter how you deal with it is a reserved word.
> Are you saying that you tried it and it failed - even with the double
> quotes? Double quotes are supposed to let you do interesting things
> like use reserved words (I thought).
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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