Subject Re: [IBO] RichEdit
Author Nando Dessena
either my mail server or yours or something else in between is cutting
all the References except your own from your posts. The net result is
that I cannot see a thread with posts from you decently threaded in my
mail client (which is Netscape btw). Could be something with your ISP?
Anyway, I can surely live with that; the strange thing is that it
happens with your posts and those of a few others, but not with the

> Thank you, I am grateful for the freedom to attempt to clear up a misconception.

You're welcome <g>. I never met anyone with such misconception, and the
original poster in this thread is no exception. I have heard of it only
by you, in several threads, that's why I jumped in.

> a TIB_RichEdit_plus_Editor would be a neat contribution to our add-ons.
> How soon could you do it? :-))

Is the RichEdit demo supplied with Delphi enough for a start?
TIB_CustomRichEdit is compatible with TCustomRichEdit (MS' richedit 1.0)
and all the features and bugs of it.