Subject Re: [IBO] RichEdit
Author Geoff Worboys
> Almost correct. TIB_RichEdit is able to do what you say, but
> -it has nothing to do with a memo component, in the sense of
> Windows class.

Actually it does have something to do with memo - in the context of
IBO. Since IBO uses the same methods for processing memos and
richedits (the Lines property). This is perhaps not optimal for
RichEdit, but handling RichEdit efficiently is otherwise quite
complicated and remains limited by the facilities offerred by the API.

> Finally, I agree that a (text) blob is a much more ideal
> candidate to store rich text data, expecially if the
> length is variable.

If the user can add formatting then the length is always variable.

If the user cannot add formatting then you are best advised to use
plain text fields and add the required formatting on the form or
report (IMHO :-).

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing