Subject Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Author Paul Gallagher
There is something with this new DesignIntf vs DsgnIntf thing, that I do no
understand. Apparently, I am going to have to split my component into two
seperate pieces, a design and a runtime package. I'm really not at all sure
how to do this, so if anyone can shed some light, I'd appreciate it.

I also have to do something with OnDragDrop. Mike made a change to this, so
I will have to do something with it.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6

> I have just posted to VirtualTree about getting the latest
> version to compile on Builder 5, with a view to getting it
> working with IBO as well.
> The version I have is VirtualTree_2.5.1.
> I have just got the components to compile with IBO3.6D ( my
> own version with some of the colours changed ) and am now
> trying to see if it actually works!
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