Subject Re: [IBO] limiting concurrent users
Author Luiz Alves
This solution dosen´t works when you have a procedure taking a long time to
I also need a solution to this and my workaround was:
Create an app running on server, checking and authorizing news login on
In my case, all my clients use static ip´s. So, I create a inifile with all
static ip´s in my LAN that can access the database. On login, the client app
connects to app server via socket and I check(on app server) if the remote
ip is on list of ip´s on inifile. if ok, I allow the client app login in
database, otherwise I send a message to client app to deny entry.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] limiting concurrent users

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> > > As I am about to deliver a nice little software running
> > > over interbase, I am now in the situation where I have
> > > to limit the number of concurrent users logged into some
> > > tables (but not all the tables).
> >
> > Users do not "logon" to individual tables - databases yes, but not
> > tables.
> >
> > I think the best you can hope to achieve is to build something into
> > your client application that logs access details when a form is
> > openned, and clears when a form is closed. Of course this will mean
> > problems when the application aborts or the connection fails for some
> > reason ..[...]
> Here is a simple method I use:
> Suppose your applications know when a user is in the place where they need
> to register as a concurrent user.
> When in that zone your timer runs an update procedure every 5 minutes,
> saying the users is still logged in to the zone.
> When the user exits from the zone log them out by running a procedure on
> server.
> When a user first logs into the zone delete any logged in users whose
> is 6 or more minutes old, and log the user into the zone. Count the
> number of zone users and do your prevent access logic.
> The times need to be tuned to your application and your restrictions.
> Regards
> Russell
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