Subject Re: [IBO] Notice of my current situation
Author Marco Lauria
At 04.53 03/07/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I just want everyone to know I have been pulled into a project under
>emergency circumstances to try and save it. I have been putting 20 hours a
>day into it for the past 5 days and have had little if any time to spend as
>I normally do. In fact, when my wife and children came to visit me at work
>(living on hard floors is no fun) last night I felt like a prisoner must
>feel when his family exercise their visitation rights. At least prisoners
>have a bed.
>We are about to have total success by no small miracle and I hope to enjoy
>the Independence Day (4th of July) holiday relaxing to recover and then my
>IBO activities will resume more fully.
>Thanks for your patience and understanding as I take care of things here
>where I work. These are people who made IBO possible for me.
>Jason Wharton
>CPS - Mesa AZ
I can understand your situation,
finish your work with no bad feelings.
All we know how much time you usually give to IBO developing.
Good luck,