Subject Re: [IBO] invalid database key
Author Geoff Worboys
> Unfortunately, yes. The way I tried it is to define a new
> query form in IB_WISQL. The first error message I get comes
> from ibserver.exe. IB_WISQL's error code is as follows:
> "ISC ERROR CODE:335544741
> Verbindung zum Server verloren.
> TIB_Query: "<TApplication>.frmWISQL.frmQuery.qrQuery."
> (Verbindung zum Server verloren = Connection to server lost;
> at present I don't know the correct translation)

If I had re-read your original messages I probably could have
predicted this answer - your mention of IBConsole and the strange
error message report sent off on the wrong track. Essentially the
problem is that the server is aborting when you issue the GROUP BY
sql - this should NOT happen even if the SQL was invalid. You can
check this by looking at the interbase.log file in your interbase
directory - you should see the server abort message (probably some
sort of error code).

The problem has nothing to do with IBO. You will be more likely to
get an informed response if you report this to the IB_Support list -
including details of the server version etc. You could also check the
list of known bugs at

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing