Subject Re: [IBO] TiboQuery - recognize computed fields
Author Andrzej Zwierzchowski
Thanks. Helen.

>In your first posting, you said you tested the column for ReadOnly and it
was False...well, either I >misunderstood you or you were mistaken.

I've tested in this way :
for instance:
Q1.SQL.clear; Q1.SQL.Add(...)...
for i := 0 to Q1.FieldCount - 1 do
if Q1.Fields[i].ReadOnly then ..
and all computed fields have property ReadOnly=FALSE

.. But when I make a list of fields in the Delphi Fields Editor the
computed fields have received property ReadOnly = TRUE.

> Why is it important for your application to distinguish between fkData and
fkInternalCalc? And, if it is >important for some special reason, can't you
set the FieldKind property in the AfterPrepare event when >your new SQL is
in place?
Because my app. must recognize computed fields without me and eksport only
not computed. I don't know the structure of table but only its name.

Best Regards