Subject Re: [IBO] TiboQuery - recognize computed fields
Author Andrzej Zwierzchowski
But when I make a list of fields in the Delphi Fields Editor the
computed fields have received property ReadOnly = TRUE. I did not have to
set them manually. This problem is very important for me because in the same
iboQuery I change property SQL and try to get fields properties.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] TiboQuery - recognize computed fields

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> >Thanks,
> >I know it but I would like to recived this information from iboQuery
> >I' ve opened it.
> The iboQuery just gets an output set. In most cases, it knows what
datatype each column is; but if it gets a dataset from the server, then it
just sees the whole set as "fkData" - that's why Delphi makes the FieldKind
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