Subject Re: [IBO] Multiple UPDATE statements in one TIB_DSQL?
Author Daniel Rail
At 07/04/2001 11:39 AM, you wrote:
>is this possible?

No it's not possible. IB_Script is the component to use.

>If not, how can I execute a sequence of UPDATE statements
>that use parameters?
>P.S.: Or is there a more elegant way than this to round *down* floats to
>full integer values?

Have you thought of creating a stored procedure? You pass the value as an
input parameter and return the desired integer value as the output
parameter. This way you'll only need one update statement for both cases.

Here's an example of what the update statement would look like, the stored
procedure OwnRoundingProc is your stored procedure and it returns the
desired integer value:
> SET Betrag=OwnRoundingProc(Betrag)
> WHERE (TYP=:STyp) AND (DATUM=:SDatum);

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