Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Script - Capacity - Limitations - etc
> > This fails with "Too many lines for memo" error.
> Must be under Win9x ??? I just loaded a 2Mb file under W2K.


> The problem is not TIB_Script but the dialog (which is actually an
> internally loaded TIB_ScriptDialog I think). When you use the load
> button it loads the script into the memo control, and under Win9x
> there is a 64k limit.
> You may find that you can load a script by clicking on the SQL
> property editor (the little "..." button that appears on the object
> inspector). AFAIK the stringlist property editor is actually a
> RichEdit control and does not experience the same limitations as
> TMemo.

Thank you for that - I'll experiment

> > I'll experiment with "Load from file" and see what happens.
> This should work fine if done into the SQL property - avoiding the
> of TMemo.

Yes - It works fine

Thank you