Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Script - Capacity - Limitations - etc
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> > I have a couple of quickies concerning this wonderful item.
> >
> > A) Can I feed a TIB_Script with a file
> >
> > as in IB_Script1.loadfromfile('filename'); or similar.
> SQL is a TStrings property. As such you can load-from/save-to file
> using that property.
> IB_Script1.SQL.LoadFromFile( ... )

That's the sort of thing I would have thought - Thank you..

> > B) What is the capacity of an IB_Script.
> How much memory do you have :-)

128 MB

> I've run scripts over 3Mb (more than 80000 lines) without a problem.
> Where you can run into system limitations and performance issues is
> you log results into a memo control.

No I'm not trying to do this but perhaps the visual display of an
IB_Script uses a memo to display..

> > I've got large numbers of scripts and I'd like to reduce
> > the number a little. On the other hand I've found that I
> > cannot load 3000 rows into an IB_Script hence the queries.
> Cannot? How are you trying to load it?

1) Place a TIB_script on a form
2) Double click IB_Script
3) Select "Load" Tab and point the dialog at a file.

This fails on a 97K file with "text exceeds memo capacity"

Perhaps the problem is trying to actually see what the script says.

I'll experiment with direct loading of the strings

> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing