Subject RE: [IBO] Fieldtypes
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I am asking because I am writing a object to save a record to file. I want
it to be Kylix/Delphi compilable. You mentioned that variants get handeld by
win dll's, is variants supported in Kylix and how do I go about it.

Can I also assume that when I save variantdata and the type of variant that
when I read it again from file it would get converted correctly for the
table to use.
eg query1['MyField']:=dataretrieved;


> > Can all fields in a db(specifically ib) be converted to
> > the following varianttypes.
> Sort of :-)
> Mostly it is done automatically for you when retrieving values AsValue
> or AsVariant.
> The type list you provided are not actually variant types (they are
> used in TVarRec). See VarType for the actual list of variant types.
> The VCL sometimes forces variants to support various other data types
> (such as int64) but these are not supported outside the VCL. As such
> they are likely to cause you problems. The reason for the problems is
> that many VCL functions hand-off variant processing to MS DLLs and
> those DLLs will get upset when given variant types they dont
> understand.