Subject Re: [IBO] ATTENTION: IB_Connection is not streamed out in 3.6Dh/i
Author Mario Zimmermann
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> Mario,
> > I *have* set AllowDefaultTransaction to false.
> Was this a typo? AllowDefaultConnection is the property relating
> this issue. Is that true or false in your application? It should
> default to false.

Oops, sorry, this was a typo, indeed. I meant AllowDefaultConnection.
But it defaults to *true*.

Anyway, I have a IB_SessionProps in my application where I have set
AllowDefaultConnection to false explicitly.

> There was a problem where the AllowDefaultConnection property was
> being checked - pretty sure it is fixed in 3.6Di. It is possible
> your forms/modules were saved while that bug existed and the
> connection properties need resetting.

I have created a new project to verify this.

> Can you please check the problem and make sure it does still exist.
> That is, regardless of what is displayed in the IB_Connection
> property - change something (eg. move a nonvisual component) to be
> sure Delphi does resave the form/module and then try it out.

Ok, I have changed IBA_Statement.INT back to the original version,
recompiled IBO and checked this again. What should I say? The problem

Very strange.
Sorry to everyone for bothering (especially to Jason).