Subject Re: [IBO] newbie, slightly confused
Author Greg
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > In short the problem is that on the data entry form the join
> > resolves (or should resolve) to a one-to-one relationship
> > (the exam_id being set in advance of the form being
> > displayed) between a student and a result. But the result
> > record doesn't yet exist. This wouldn't be a problem for me
> > if the situation was a one-to-many master-detail scenario
> > since the absence of detail records is par for the course
> > and I'm accustomed to it, but it ain't.
> My own approach to this would be to NOT use a join - this only
> complicates the setup of the Query (having to setup your own
> edit/insert sql etc).
> Just define the master and detail using two different query
> components, just like you would for one-many master detail
> relationships. Then layout your form as though it is all one
> it is just that some of the fields are tied to the exam "detail"
> record. Setup the exam datasource so that it AutoInsert is on, so
> that when a user types in some exam results the record will be
> automatically created.
> This approach lets you leave all the work to IBO.
> Does this help?

Absolutely, just the kind of advice I was looking for.

I'm very grateful, especially considering that having had a look at
the original post again it's surprising that anyone would have taken
the time to read it.

Thanks very much, Geoff.