Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Trees and IBO
Author Cristian Ivan
GW> Client side filters are probably a good solution for slow network
GW> connections (so all records are retrieved to the client and the view
GW> filtered according to select).

GW> Using parameters would be more consistent with master detail styled
GW> processing (every time the node changes the parameters get updated and
GW> new records retrieved from the server). Similar to what you are
GW> already doing but...

GW> q.Params.BeginUpdate;
GW> try
GW> q.ParamByName['categorie'].AsInteger := node.parent.overlayindex;
GW> q.ParamByName['categorie'].AsInteger := node.overlayindex;
GW> finally
GW> q.Params.EndUpdate;
GW> end;

GW> Not exactly what you were doing, but hopefully you get the idea.
Yeah...pretty clear. So the conclusion is that the choice depends on the
network speed and amount of data to be fetched. In my case I'm only
dealing with ... 500 small records maximum so fetching them all and then
filter them on the client side would get me the maximum speed.
And that even if I'm on 100mbps Ethernet, full duplex, linux database
server and so on :)


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