Subject Re: [IBO] IBO source structure
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:02 PM 16-06-01 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi, I would like to extend some IBO components functionality and apply
>some patches. I've looked at the source but I find a lot of files with
>certain prefix (IB_.. IBA_.. IBF_..) and extensions different than
>.pas (.INT).
>Could someone explain to me the "philosophical" design of such a
>structure and conventions? Other suggestions for a beginner IBO
>component guru? ;)))

Here's the answer from the FAQ:
The sources make heavy usage of INCLUDE directives.-

IMP is an included implementation file.
INT is an included interface file.
PBL is an included interface file that contains lists of properties/events to be published.
INC is a general include section of code.

Breaking things out into separate files helps with version control immensely and keeps the patch files smaller.

It makes it easier to navigate through the code. Locate the cursor on the file names you see in the code and hit CTRL+ENTER and Delphi automatically opens or goes to the file.

Any units with prefixes that are not 'IB_" or 'IBO' are reusable pieces (forms, etc.), e.g. IBF are the form units used in IB_SQL and other IBO apps, IBC contains customisable descendants, IBD contains derived descendants, and so on.

As a tip, if you are using Delphi 5 or higher, you can set up the editor options so that code units using the various suffixes (IMP, INT, etc.) will be formatted the same as .pas units.

The comment text that provides the source for the component help file lives in the INT units.


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