Subject Re: [IBO] Disconnect Troubles
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:33 PM 14-06-01 -0700, you wrote:
>The saga continues...
>The new problem pertains to the TIB_Events component. I connect to the
>database, register some events (3), unplug my network cable, then try to do
>something like executing a stored procedure. This causes an error that I
>trap, then I rollback all transactions and close the connection to the
>database. This all works. Now if I terminate my application
>(Application->Terminate) it processes fine and then I get an access
>violation after all my code has been executed. If I do the same scenario
>except I do not register any events I do not get any av's. I've tried
>explicitly unregistering the events before I do the disconnect but it
>doesn't seem to make a difference.
>Does anyone have a suggestion of how to fix this, or should I just avoid
>using the events?

Could you please say exactly what versions of client and server you are using? This is important with events problems...


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