Subject Re: [IBO] "New" IB components in Delphi 6.O vs IBO?
Author Daniel Rail
At 06/14/2001 02:45 PM, you wrote:
>Just got an email from someone who saw a Delphi 6.0 demo and the Borland
>rep showed some new IB components. Does anyone know if these are the
>same as IBX? The comment from this person made it sound like they were
>different. If so, how similar are they to IBO?

He was probably referring to the dbExpress components. And it's definitely
different from IBO. It's the replacement of the BDE for connectivity for
SQL based servers. But, it will never compare to IBX and even less to
IBO. I never had the occasion to really test them that much to give a
comparison, but the components are only for connectivity and you use the
normal data-aware components that comes with Delphi. IBO is easier to
setup and use compared to dbExpress.

Hope this argument helps your case.

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