Subject Re: [IBO] OT: Report Builder, DADE, and stored procedures
Author Rob Schuff
hey geoff,

that sounds like a good solution. So let's see if a have this correct.

1. Use Dream Co Dream Designer
2. Have a stock form or Data Module that contains a report and I suppose a
3. the user (or programmer) then executes an action which dynamically adds a
tdataset (or IB_ Native dataset) and a datapipeline with the dataset
property of the pipeline component set to the dataset.
4. then somehow the SQL is built.
5. The report is designed.
6. The whole data module is then "saved" by being streamed to a database or
7. The report can then be run and you may optionally first show some kind of
filtering mechanism (Where Clause)

And of course forms may be read from file or the database.

Do I have it correct?


Robert Schuff Bull Run Software
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Subject: Re: [IBO] OT: Report Builder, DADE, and stored procedures

> > Has anyone here been able to use stoder procedures with the report
> > builder end user solutions and of course InterBase?
> I have not tried. My current solution is implemented using Dream
> Company. Forms stored in the database, allowing me to add queries,
> pipelines etc at runtime. Then I can call the RB end-user designer to
> work with the pipelines on the form - also storing the report in the
> database. This has worked so well that I dont use DADE at all.
> > Anyone care to collaborate on a project to make this happen? My
> > plan is to donate the code to Jason for inclusion in IBO.
> Sounds like a good thing to have for RB users, but I am not
> volunteering. No time and I hope to move away from RB as soon as I
> can work out an alternative.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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