Subject Re: [IBO] Strange behavior with TIB_Grid
Author Jörg Schiemann

> Jörg,
> > If the grid doesn't have the focus and I start to scroll the
> > grid horizontally, the contents of the selected cell (dark
> > blue) is moving with she scrolling and the contents of the
> > current cell isn't readable, because it shows the moving
> > contents of the selected cell.
> > If I then click in the grid all is right again.
> I have not noticed this. Is there anything peculiar about the
> situation, or is it happening with all your grids?
> I suspect we may need more information such as the version of IBO and
> Delphi that you are using. Perhaps you could post the Grid definition
> from your DFM to show us what settings are being used. If we cant
> reproduce it easily we may need you to write a small demonstration of
> the problem.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing

I'm using D5 Pro and IBO 3.6Dg.

After a little more testing I found out, that the problem only appears if
I set the property 'AlwaysShowEditor' to True.

Here is my grid definition.

object gridMaterial: TIB_Grid
Left = 0
Top = 0
Width = 431
Height = 421
CustomGlyphsSupplied = []
DataSource = srcMaterial
Align = alClient
PopupMenu = popMaterial
TabOrder = 0
AlwaysShowEditor = True
EditLinks.Strings = (
EditLinksAuto = True
CurrentRowColor = clInfoBk
OnGetCellProps = gridMaterialGetCellProps
OnGetDisplayText = gridMaterialGetDisplayText