Subject Re: [IBO] Volume Data Adding
Author Paul Little
Geoff Worboys wrote:
> As a note to anyone else reading this. I generally use something like
> the following (with no intermediate commits during the loop), because
> in most situations I prefer everything to be saved or nothing. Paul,
> I am assuming this situation is slightly different and for some reason
> and you are content that only part of the processing may complete and
> be saved.
> transaction.BeginBusy(true)
> try
> do everything
> transaction.Commit;
> finally
> transaction.EndBusy;
> end;

Thanks Geoff, that's cleared thatup for me. The reason I do the
intermediate commits is that it was suggested that with high iteration
loops like I'm using that the cache may become overloaded and cause the
app to slow down again. I did, originally, only have the one at the end.
Do you have any view on that? In any case, unless the app actually fails
there is no way that it can be stopped in the middle of the loop so the
entire thing will be saved each time.

Thanks for all your help