Subject RE: [IBO] How to change Color of selected (=highlited) row ?
Author Ralf R.
Hi Geoff

See the Contact sample application which demonstrates the use of
OnGetCellProps including the GridFields property mentioned above.

I did so, and I see no differences between my code and the Contact sample.

MY Contact sample:
BufferRowNum := grContact.DataRow[ ARow ];
if BufferRowNum > 0 then begin

// This provides an example of how colors can be customized on an
// individual cell basis.
tmpFld := grContact.GridFields[ grContact.DataCol[ ACol ]];
if Assigned( tmpFld ) and ( tmpFld.FieldName = 'LASTNAME' ) then
dat := BufferFieldByName('CON_TYPE').AsString;
if dat = 'FAMILY' then
if AColor = grContact.Color then
AColor := clLime;

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing

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