Subject Re: [IBO] Volume Data Adding
Author Paul Little
Helen Borrie wrote:
> Well, the IB_Transaction is just a container for all the stuff that pertains to a transaction. Each time you hard-commit a transaction, the actual handle that was associated with it is gone. Next time you start it, it's a whole new transaction.
> So you only **need** enough transaction **components** to have all the concurrent tasks covered. If you are running these dsqls one after another, just attach them all to the same ib_transaction,

OK, good this is what I thought. But, I get the error on the line
directly after my starttransaction i.e.

ib_dsql1.Prepare; <----- fails here!

like a receiving line at a Royal garden party without the flowery hats.

Haha, how did you know I'd appreciate that analogy ;-)