Subject RE: [IBO] IBO shortcomings
Author Don Schoeman
At this stage of the fight I use both IBX and IBO. I can tell you one thing
and that is if you are developing a visually intensive application you will
suffer without IBO. Play around with a standard Delphi TDBGrid connected to
an IBX TIBQuery component and you will see what I mean. IBObjects so far
really does it for me on the visual front-end side. I only use the IBX
database administration components for some functions I created specifically
for the Administrator.

I have not seen any major shortcomings in IBObjects that will drastically
effect the project I'm doing. In fact I've been surprised a few times by
it's versatility by doing things I never thought it could do.

One of the major shortcomings of IBX is how it deals with the standard
Delphi VCL components, especially when using grids. I also had problems
running SQL scripts which contained more than one SQL statement, unlike IBO
where the IB_Script component can run a whole Metadata script without any

My conclusion is:
- IBX is a freeware component set good for non-visual applications and
administrative functions.
- IBO is a typical example of a tool where you pay for good quality. You
will end up using it anyway when you've suffered enough with IBX while
trying to do a visually-active application.

My 2c's worth...

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman

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From: Greg [mailto:rightwingfacist@...]
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Subject: [IBO] IBO shortcomings

I'm looking at IBO as an alternative to the interbaseExpress
components. The
material I've read seems to weigh heavily in favour of IBO. Infact I
seem to find a list of IBO's shortcomings (apart from cost).

Would anyone be willing to tell me of IBO's shortcomings both in
respect to
interbaseExpress and shortcomings irrespective of interbaseExpress?

For example : What does IBX do better than IBO? What might annoy me
about IBO?

Please don't just answer those two questions.



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