Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO 3.6
Author fabio
Ok... I know abaut this... I´m installing IBO_D5.dpk and I don´t have an older version because is the first time I´m installing IBO. I hear that the error is because Delphi 5 STD don´t have the components TDataSet and IBO installs some components that depends of them. And in the installation of IBO I have to do something to avoid this but I don´t know what. So I still have the problem.


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From: Don Schoeman
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2001 11:44 AM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Installing IBO 3.6

Make sure that you are not trying to install the IB_Objects.dpk file into
Delphi 5, it is only there to install IBO into older versions of Delphi.
Instead install the IBO_D5.dpk file. Also do you have an older version of
IBObjects already installed?

Don Schoeman

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From: fabio [mailto:fabio@...]
Sent: 08 June 2001 04:36
Subject: [IBO] Installing IBO 3.6

Hi all...

I´m trying to install the IBO 3.6 into Delphi 5 STANDARD in Windows
NT4, but the installation stops because an error that Dr. Watson shows.

Is there something to configure in IBO or in Delphi 5 STD or in
Windows NT to install the IBO?

I hear that this error occurs because there is no TDatasets into
Delphi 5 STD. What are the steps to perform this install...

Thank You and Sorry my English.


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