Subject RE: [IBO] Focusing exact cell in IBO_DBGrid
Author Michael L. Horne

Note that the following will focus to a grid column but will not always fire
the events for entering
that column:

gridGLBatchD.Col := 2;

If you do something like:

gridGLBatchD.Col := 3;
gridGLBatchD.Col := 2;

You get more of the events but you still might not get all of the events you
want, it might require:

gridGLBatchD.Col := 3;
gridGLBatchD.Col := 2;

I know this seems strange but to get all the events fired that I needed once
I was forced to
do this. Note: I had the height/width of the btFocusButton set to 0 so it
was not visible and
tab stop set to false. I just used it so I could focus to something other
than the grid and back.

Also, don't be focusing to columns that are Fixed.

Good Luck

Michael L. Horne

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Subject: [IBO] Focusing exact cell in IBO_DBGrid


How can I focus the exact field in current row of IBO_Grid on insert record


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