Subject RE: [IBO] how to programmatically select the first row in ib_grid ?
Author Don Schoeman
After you ran the Query call the following statements:

MyOwnGrid.First; // Call this if you want to always set the grid to it's
first row.
MyOwnGrid.SetFocus; // MyOwnGrid should be the name of the grid you want to
focus on.

This will change the current focus to the grid.

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman

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Subject: [IBO] how to programmatically select the first row in ib_grid ?

Hey fellow ibo users.

I'm on the lookout for a solution to a small problem that I cant seem
to solve.

I run a query, which usually returns 1 to 10 records into a ib_grid.
Then, I have to move the mouse and select the first row so I can do
something with it. Beeing lazy, I'm looking for a way to run the
query, fill the grid, and have the first row of the grid already

I could then move in the grid using the arrow keys, sparing my much
painful "mouse elbow".

I've tried various ways, like moving the record pointer to the first
record and then updating the grid, but it seems I'm missing something.

any kind soul ready to help ?


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