Subject RE: [IBO] IBO sees different VarText size than IBConsole?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Lukas Zeller [mailto:luz_info@...]
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 6 de Junio de 2001 4:30
> I have a field in a table that was created as VARCHAR(20).
> When I dump the metadata with IBConsole, I still see VARCHAR(20).
> However, when looking at the table with IB_WISQL, it shows
> VarText(22) there.

Since you used IB_WISQL, it seems unlikely that this is a result of an old
IBO metadata cache that you activated within your application.


select f.rdb$field_length, f.rdb$character_length
from rdb$fields f join rdb$relation_fields rf
on f.rdb$field_name = rf.rdb$field_source
and rf.rdb$relation_name = <TABLE>
and rf.rdb$field_name = <FIELD>;

select max(f.rdb$format)
from rdb$formats f join rdb$relations r
on f.rdb$relation_id = r.rdb$relation_id
and r.rdb$relation_name = <TABLE>;

What are the results?

(It would be interesting to observe what the metadata extractor in IBO4
says, since it should catch a mismatch between byte length and logical
character length.)