Subject Re: [IBO] problem windows resources
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:05 PM 06-06-01 +0200, you wrote:
>when we open two applications developed in delphi and IBO we have a problem
>with the windows resources.

What is the problem? What errors/error messages are you seeing?

>Is there a possibility to decrease the use of
>the resources ?

If your program is leaking memory, then you must find what is causing the leaks and fix it. There are tools available for detecting and locating leaks - MemorySleuth, BoundsChecker and a host of others. Try a Google search to find info about getting a good one.

Are you using run-time libraries? This can bleed your resources heavily..especially if you don't have sufficient resources.

Are you running the server and the application on the same machine? Are you running background tasks, screensavers, RAS, etc.? Ideally the database should have all of the machine's resources to itself. In development conditions, this might not be possible and you need to make allowances for it.

Without more information, there isn't really any advice anyone can offer. It's probably well off-topic for IBO, being a question of general application design, good code-smithing and adequate hardware...


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