Subject Re: Incremental Search
Do you need something like:

void __fastcall TForm1::IB_Grid1KeyDown(TObject *Sender, WORD &Key,
TShiftState Shift)
IB_Query1->IncSearchKey(Key, true, true, true);


--- In IBObjects@y..., Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> I am doing something silly - because I have this working in
> a few places.
> I have a pop-up form that allows the selection of a name.
> There is a list in an IB_Grid with ordering set up for two
> of the columns. That all works and if opened in the query
> editor, incremental search works on the data page.
> The problem is that having dropped a TIB_IncSearch on the
> form and attached to the same DataSource as the grid,
> nothing happens.
> I have tried to compare a working setup to the non-working,
> but can't see any differences.
> Anybody got any ideas where to llok next.
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