Subject RE: [IBO] Using IB_Export with special Characters
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Markus Pfeiffer [mailto:bpv-rwth@...]
> Sent: Miércoles 30 de Mayo de 2001 11:51
> I have to dump some fields (espcially blobs) into a textfile.
> There are two
> problems which occur. One thing is, that the IB_Export component doesn´t
> want to export MEMO fields, but this is solveable by using a cast
> ( memo as
> varchar(32000)) statement. (these are text-blobs).

I'm not aware of any IB/FB version that supports casting blobs to varchars.
This is why Greg had to create his UDFs. CAST() doesn't work with BLOBs or
arrays. Whether IBO does some internal work here in TIB_Export is a thing I