Subject RE: [IBO] Refreshing other records after the post
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Nando Dessena [mailto:nandod@...]
> Sent: Jueves 24 de Mayo de 2001 11:48
> Hello again,
> I have a situation much like the Printers forlder on Windows: when you
> set one as default, the default flag is cleared on all the others; My
> "default flag" is a boolean field that is taken care of in a trigger.
> When I post a record with the flag set, I would like to refresh the
> value of the flag in all the other records in the dataset (more
> precisely, only one record would have changed, the previous one that had
> the flag set, if any).

Have a procedure that looks for the row that currently is the default,
clears the flag and returns the PK of such record, so you can refresh that
record in IBO. If no record exists, return an impossible PK for your case (a
negative value, for example). After that, you set the new default. I still
think that's easier to have a separate table holding the PK of the default.