Subject Re: [IBO] Asta or Direct IP
Author Jim Fauntleroy
We have put into production an ASTA thin client using Interbase and IBO on
the server.

ASTA has a working server you can download and use as the basis for your
application. You can then add as much security as you need. They have a
week-long training class where they will provide consulting on the
specifics of your application.

We were able to use all our regular GUI components (InfoPower, etc) on the
thin client, although we did not try to use IBO components. The thin
client does not know anything about IBO or Interbase; only the server
interacts with the back end. This is actually really good as you can
deploy a new server using new versions of IBO without changing the clients.

Finally, the folks at ASTA know about IBO and Interbase and can give you
support. I would recommend the product highly.

Jim Fauntleroy

At 03:41 PM 05/29/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>I would like to hear comments on the best way to connet remotely to
>an IB server. I am considering IBO over a direct IP connection: My
>test thus far seem quite good but I have heard good things about
>ASTA, specifically IBO/ASTA on the server and a thin ASTA client. I
>suppose I would lose all the closely integrated gui components that
>IBO has to offer if I did it this way.. Any ideas would be greatly
>appreciated. What I hope to hear, of course, is that a direct IP
>connetion with an IBO client over IP is acceptable as that seems to
>be the most cost efficient solution.
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