Subject Re: [IBO] IBOTable vs IBOQuery
Author Carlos H. Cantu
The major reason I see is if you need to use any Table specific method, like
FindKey, FindNearest, etc... etc... or if you are using any 3rd party tool
that need to be linked to a Table (like Rubicon TrbXXXUpdate).

In big tables with lots of records use a Query and restrict the returned
data using the WHERE clause.


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>>Hi all

DB> Could someone please tell the reason for using a table versus a query.

DB> I have 8 tables (small under 100 records) which contains static/lookup data
DB> and controlled with a flag active or not.used in a multi user environment
DB> (C/S). with Firebird database.

DB> either I do an SQL active = true(IBOQuery)
DB> or a filter = active = true (IBOTable)

DB> which is better?why?

DB> Thanks in advance.
DB> Daniel

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