Subject RE: [IBO] Stored proc question
Author Nico Callewaert

I was expecting it, thanks a lot for the fast answer !

Nico Callewaert
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Van: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
Verzonden: dinsdag 29 mei 2001 14:51
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] Stored proc question

At 02:48 PM 29-05-01 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all,
> I have a stored procedure that is executed a few times. When
>executed the second time I'm having a Invalid DSQLA structure or
>like that (forgotten to write it down immediatly).
>My program looks like this :
> if not Prepared then
> Prepare;
> Params [0].AsString := Trim (IB_Edit1.Text);
> ExecProc;
>Do I have to do a close and a Unprepare every time it's executed again ?

Yes, unfortunately, with executable stored procedures you do, because of a
bug in the API function, that fails to clear a field in that structure after


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