Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with INSERT and CANCEL
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello Jason,

Sorry that I was not able to respond to this issue quicker after you
requested the callstack because you thought it might be a "bug" in IBO.
Well, I dug a little further and found out the "culprit". I found that I
was calling TIB_Query->Cancel() but before I exited my existing form there
was another call to TIB_Query->Insert() that caused the record to autosave.

It appears that if you are using data aware controls like "TIB_Edit,
TIB_Memo" and you call TIB_Query->Insert(), then make modifications but wish
to cancel your changes and you exit your form without calling
TIB_Query->Cancel() that it will autosave if "NO RECORDS PREVIOUSLY EXIST IN
YOUR TABLE" but if you have existing records it will not autosave.

Not sure of why this is, but I have forced my exit of the form to have
TIB_Query->Cancel() as the last TIB_Query statement before exit of the form
and everything appears to be fine.

Thanks again for your help,

Chris Hulsey